• Megan Riechmann

My Favorite Non-Food Tips for Surviving Whole30

Whole30 is a mental game, friends. Yes, its about the food. But there are other things you can do to help guarantee success! Check out my favorite non-food tips below. #whole30 #success

#1: Snooze ALL restaurants, bakeries & breweries you follow on FB for 30 days.

There is nothing worse than scrolling through your feed to be met with a gorgeous piece of cake, or a beautifully photographed beer. If you weren't thinking about off-plan food, you are now. You can't control TV commercials or conversations with friends/coworkers, but you can control your feed! So before each round of Whole30, I snooze my favorite foodie destinations to avoid feeling deprived.

#2: Create a daily or weekly reward system.

As part of my Food Freedom Forever, I needed to find a way to reward myself at the end of a long day with something other than chocolate or wine. Or both, tbh. I have always felt VERY justified in those rewards so I knew if I was going to be successful on this journey, I'd better come up with something else to look forward to. Cue the bath. I love baths. Scalding hot water, lots of epsom salt, and some peppermint tea. And guess what? Not only did I satiate my Deserving Dragon, but there were other added benefits (a theme of whole30 for sure). I was in a better head space for sleep, my spin-sore muscles appreciated the therapy, and the combination of hot water and peppermint tea worked wonders for my IBS (more about that in a future post). What self-care activity will help you reset your dessert routine? Go for a long walk? Listen to a podcast? Whatever it is, give yourself permission to indulge!

#3: You are what you listen to.

Speaking of podcasts, take this time to fill your play list with Whole30 and other self-care podcasts or audio books. You may be tempted to talk about your Whole30 to everyone to know (and don't know). Confrontational or negative reactions may throw you off your game. In addition, feeling isolated during Whole30 will almost certainly lead you to quit. So create an environment where it seems like the whole world is on Whole30! You'll feel validated and learn more at the same time. Your choices don't have to be Whole30 focused, either. You could take the time to dive into learning more about one of your NSV (non-scale victory) goals. There is a podcast for everything. Not sure where to start? Melissa Urban, the founder of Whole30, has her own podcast called "Do The Thing"!

#4: New number, who dis?

In the same way that affirmative post-its on your bathroom mirror can help you start your day on the right foot, changing your phone wallpaper and lock screen to something that helps you focus on Whole30 and why you've decided to make this investment in you can help you succeed! After a few days, you may not even notice these encouraging images, but your subconscious will continue to be bombarded by positivity! When I was a kid, my mom always reprimanded me for speaking poorly about myself. "Your brain is listening!", she would say. Change your computer background while you're at it. My lock screen is a fried egg (duh) and my computer background is a family picture we took after last year's January Whole30 was done - I remember feeling happy and proud in that picture. Its very motivating.

#5: Get yourself a coach.

What's better than someone totally dedicated to your success, cheering you on at every opportunity, giving you tough love when you need it, and available 24/7 as your personal Whole30 encyclopedia? Yes, its an investment. But you reap the benefits of every round I've ever done, every friend and client I've ever coached and the 200+ other Whole30 coaches I have access to throughout the US! From meal planning to grocery store tours, I'm here for you. And I will always do each round with my clients - your pain is my pain and your success is my success. So what are you waiting for?? Let's do this.


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